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This wiki will contain an ever expanding encyclopedia about the game world. It is, like most game settings, part of the Natural World, sometimes referred to as the Material or Prime plane. Inhabitants of the world call it by its name in the Elvish tongue: Kor. As the story opens, our heroes are walking a desolate stretch of road. Most of their supplies are exhausted, forcing them to hunt and forage to find the basics like food, water, and safe campsites. This “road” is little more than a faded caravan trail through a rugged wilderness. Here and there, the road is wider and well marked. On these occasions it becomes clear that this road was once the path marched over by a large army. Whatever war those soldiers marched for,it was long ago, and now a faded trail is all that remains. At their collective backs is a long, long walk back to the cities and villages of Arkandia, the nation they once called home. Each left that place behind for different reasons, but none have any intention of returning any time soon. Ahead lies unknown lands and adventures. From what they know of Arkandian maps, they are certain they have crossed an unmarked border, and now wander the frontier of a new nation entirely.

Table of Contents
The World of Kor
Places of Interest
Religions of Kor

Campaign-Specific and House Rules

The Writings and Ramblings of Non-player Characters
The Necromancer’s Tomes

Character Journals
Cuts’ log
Ezio’s Journal
Klorch’s Journal
Nithauk’s log
Mikal’s Journal
Scir’s Journal
Kane’s Journal

Player Notes
Baja’s session notes

Main Page

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