May 6th 2012 Baja

Last session we slayed a bunch of Quaggoth seeking out the enemy assassin brother of Ruhk. Ruhk offered to help us if we help him.

Treasure from Quaggoths Quaggoth Jald:
Fine dwarven belt buckle worth ~150 GP (Nithauk)
Quaggoth Thonot (Chieftain): Byeshk Greatsword +2, once wielded by warforged General Leads in the Byeshk War (Cuts)
Barrage Bracers (Nithauk)

Coins, Gems, Etc:
6,700 CP (5,025 underdark coinage)
2,000 SP (1,500 underdark coinage)
4,450 GP (3,335 underdark coinage)
820 PP (615 underdark coinage)
minor jewelry, small gemstones, and artistic objects (~1,500 GP)

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May 6th 2012 Baja

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