High King Arkand

Demitrum Arkand was a paladin with a vision. A devout follower of Saint Piranth of the Red Shield, Demitrum believed that a brave enough warrior could build an entire kingdom for his god. He imagined a place where the people lived in harmony and safety under the protective mantle of Kord’s servants. With a handful of adventurous allies and a brave pilgrims, he crossed an expanse of ocean to uncharted shores. Here he found a truly savage wilderness, without flag or wall in site for as many days as his scouts could search. The closest thing to civilization in the region were roving tribes of wild Green elves, surviving off the brutal land. These wild elves did not embrace Demitrum’s vision, but neither did they resist it. Perhaps they figured he and his followers would be gone in a generation or two.

They misjudged his faith and determination. And the prowess of his companions, especially the Crimson elf warrior and Gray elf wizard. By the time the tribal elves realized these foreigners were here to stay, a fortified city stood on the shore where they had landed. The deeds and exploits of Demitrum were many and bold. Actual events have become exaggerated and blurred with the passage of time, but it is known that the paladin successfully defeated a ancient dragon. Somehow, though many tales of his life are now little more than legend, the facts of his slaying of the dragon have never faded into confusing myths. Mordenthkaeryost had ruled that wilderness for many elven lifespans, but in the end Demitrum and his companions defeated the wyrm. The wild elves still say that the Vast is a result of the dragon placing a curse on the fledgling kingdom.

Even before his death, there were clerics who prayed in the name of Arkand and found their prayers answered. His fierce devotion to Kord, and his countless victories in battle, had elevated him to a living emissary for the god. At the time of his death, he had been crowned High King by his followers and companions, and ruled a small but wealthy nation which now bore his name. Arkandia was at the time comprised of a half dozen cities, and it grew for a long time after the High King passed away. With a year of his death, a miracle had taken place when his name was invoked by a priest. He was declared a saint and to this day remains the patron of the kingdom. The Order of Saint Arkand Valorous is the dominant religious group in Arkandia, accounting for 70% of the followers of Kord.


High King Arkand

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