Dec 25th 2011 Baja

Rathlaris established the ability for us to check Jalenna’s ring with an arcana check. It will tell us if we are closer or farther to her from where we were when we last checked.

cave system goes from Belstone mine to dogtree brook.

A giant is suspected of attacking river boats. Some mercenaries are planning on collecting a bounty for it.

Each of us made 1068pp 9gp

cuts has 808pp 17gp 8sp now.

We were going to see if it is a giant attacking the river boats or who it is. Now the mercenaries were going to check it out and report to us if anything goes wrong.

We obtained a deed to Spireholm which we can hunt and own the place. We can make roads too. We can’t make roads. This was the first time a construct obtained a title/deed in the area. Our title is Knight’s Bachelor.
We are going to try to detect if it is closer to Jalenna. Farthane is farther from her than Samurth.

Cuts bought a Jade Sea Snake. So did Ezio. His is carved from white jade, and mine from green.

henchman cost level appropriate gold
520 gp level 3 henchman
3sp per day in service

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ceramic model can hold 10,000lbs of items before becoming immoveable, grows to full size on command and will attempt to force it’s growth..if unsuccessful it will collapse to small size and it’s use for the day is done, 8 hours duration before shrinking..being trapped inside is potentially bad..(as it’s in the elemental chaos which our player’s don’t know)

Dec 25th 2011 Baja

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