Ebb (a tentative work)

There came differences working with the heir to Farandale. Cuts’ journeys to visit friends of the past caused conflict and seeded resentment slowly. Between veterans who felt shorted and ambitious upcomers, Cuts’ absences took a tole on the respect he once commanded. It didn’t help the matter that he accidentally honed sharp criticisms. He alienated his remaining friends in his effort to pursue logical goals to benefit all. He was resigned from his commission in a slow and uncomfortable manner.

His relationship with Welvrith the blacksmith continued to grow. After the decent in status, Welvrith saw change coming in Cuts. The swords Wildclaw and Seryuto had been sheathed as Cuts began to lose meaning in his life. Welvrith mindfully filled Cuts’ hands with carpenter tools. It started as a joke, but some began to call Cuts by the name “Builds” though he would always be Cuts.

Welvrith mainly meant to help Cuts maintain some meaning in the world. A small lesson became an unnecessary addition at first. Interest and good will became par workmanship with sought consistency. Changes to the kingdom lead to abundant work. Cuts helped Welvrith a great deal in both wealth and assets, even if they were gaudy or superfluous.

Cuts built a home for himself on the bridge he’d toiled with. His home was an out of place ornament as well. It was a small tower to see the travelers that would pass through with the changes to the kingdom and seasons. The bridge had been comically overbuilt even before the tower.

Yet another change Welvrith saw was Cuts’ dulling mind. This couldn’t be thwarted with good intentions. The mystery of how Nithaulk had awoken a stale warforged seemed to be a fluke to the blacksmith. While cognizant and yielding, Cuts planned for the oncoming ebb in clarity. The decline was gradual and peaceful. Few noticed the change as time passed…..

…the green golem’s body suddenly shifted, rot falling away and revealing mithril.

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