Full Circle

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Returning to the surface after a long time working underground, Cuts saw that his place was on the surface. Randin had been the motivation for Cuts to seek Jaleanna for so long underground. Now that Randin had taken off to pursue the dark arts, there was no longer a reason to go underground for Cuts.

He wished his former companions well. The stone given to him by Eolian faded away along with the boon from Erathis. Cuts left the woman who cleaned him to her own path in Freedom’s Reach. She had married and was having yet another child. Yet Wildclaw and Seryuto continued to be strong weapons for him.

He chose to serve the new heir to Farandale, abandoning Freedom’s Reach to the residents. Cuts took on a similar role to that he had when he was Martin so many years before coming full circle from mindless killing machine to an enlightened leader again.

He had become very human since the journey over the vast. His toil with justice and morals had honed him back into the compassionate man he had once been. He took on a family after a few months. A woman with a child found him to be warm, comforting, and reliable. Though he knew he would out live them both, they stayed together.

Cuts would go on to visit Freedom’s Reach, his friends in Tilburne, the blue goblins, Mikal, the dwarves he’d employed, Zendraxina, Scir, Faral, Rathlaris, and many others that he had befriended in the region.

Though the people who created Cuts had died long ago, in a way they had accomplished what they set out to do. Martin Dormeax had been given an extended life after all, despite the loss of his memory.


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