After writing “Regrouping” I wanted to say some things. When writing “Regrouping” I kind of gave up on shining my writing, and just wrote gritty raw content. So an urge to defend that caused me to want to write this.

Then I realized that I wanted to say more. When I developed Cuts I had chosen a warforged because I had made a thread on wotc forums about the most accurate races. Originally, the Kenku seemed most accurate to me. They had bonuses to attack based on flanking, and the math showed they had the advantage in sustained combat. Then someone pointed out that the Warforged have a racial feat that permits them to gain an extra +1 to attack. Hands down, this made them the most accurate race by level 2.

Tyrex is a great gm, and he puts the bar kind of high for roleplaying. So I got into expanding this character. I designed a concept of a boring accurate warforged who formerly was a charismatic paladin, formerly as in more than a century before the campaign takes place.

It turned out that many of the players in this campaign didn’t know the system as well as I did. This player dynamic forced a shift in Cuts design. He began becoming more aware of himself to a point that he could direct others in the course of their quests.

It’s pretty awesome to rp his progress. I really like when you can make those characters you think about when you aren’t gaming. It’s cool when you have the fantasy in your head from the fantasy character you made.

It’s fun playing and writing him. Really a part of Cuts is defined by the other pcs in the game, Nithaulk, Ezio, Kane, Faral, and Scir. This game is so awesome that I wish I didn’t dm so many groups on rpol so I had more time to write in this game.

I wanted to write more for Cuts to try to open a door to a future for Cuts after the events of Darkest Waters. It seemed unlikely that he would just fit in so well resuming a military role and trying to visit friends. In a way, I wanted to write a little bit of a mirror to my own fallout with the group as I was misguided in so many comments that did nobody favors. At the same time, I was unsure what might happen in the region, so I just predicted change and stamped tentative at the top. I dabbled with using the word flow, but it didn’t seem to fit the ending. I also wasn’t sure how to make the leap in time fluid so I went for a very definite and probably sort of confusing break. I also wanted to reach backwards in time to some things and people. I avoided mentioning the other warforged though as I have yet to sort out where she/it ended up or even if I want to be the one to write about that.

The potential for changes in a second evolution of Cuts is exciting. It would be familiar and yet new with a swath of past to draw from. It would be fun to find a direction to go that both made sense and wasn’t formulaic or derivative.

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