Silver Scroll Tube

An orante silver-plated scroll case with sealed end-caps.


This silver-plated tube is ornate and durable, with wax-sealed end caps to protect the contents. It is approximately the thickness of a maiden’s wrist, and about the length of a healthy lad’s forearm. It contains a thick roll of parchment when our heroes find it, one sheet of which contains a personal correspondence. The rest of the sheets contain three rituals ranging in power from minor to quite potent.

The woundpatch looks like a swatch of skin. One sticky side keeps it in place when applied to an injured creature. Placing the woundpatch on yourself or another living creature is a Minor Action. Until the end of the encounter, the next time the creature spends a healing surge, it regains 5 extra hit points.

Magic Circle
You inscribe a circle on the ground, a circle emblazoned with arcane symbols of protection. If drawn correctly, these symbols make it difficult for creatures of a particular origin to enter or pass. When performing the ritual, you choose aberrant, elemental, fey, immortal, natural, shadow, or all. This last option is more difficult. An affected creature whose power is less than yours cannot pass through the circle, affect creatures through the circle’s boundary, or affect the boundary in any way. More powerful creatures of an affected origin take damage when passing through the boundary, but doing so breaks the circle. Unaffected creatures can obscure the inscription and break the circle.

Secure Shelter
The terrain erupts in a flurry of activity as the land leaps to your command, erecting a shelter for you and your companions. This creates a sturdy, if crude, lodge large enough to accommodate eight men. The ritual uses materials found in the area, so the lodge can be formed of snow, stone, wood, or even sod. The interior is dry and clean, and will include such furnishings as can be crafted from the available materials. Sleeping surfaces, seating, and a table are typical examples. The shelter is not heated or cooled, but it is immune to fire and impervious to all normal damage. Access to its interior is by two shuttered windows, a single door, and a chimney hole. Furnishings can be removed from the shelter, but it vanishes along with the lodge when the ritual’s duration expires.

The contents of the letter can be read in the Backstory.


This scroll case was rescued from the mud and dirt of the Heldast Wood, in a blighted and cursed portion of the forest. It contains ritual scrolls, and also the following letter, scribed in somewhat archaic common.

My Lord Kelthim, Baron and Swordhand of Erathis, I pray this message finds you in in good health. My messenger will be followed shortly by your squire, the Lady Saerliss Farthane, and all but six of our men-at-arms. They will join you at the fringes of the Heldast Wood, to aid in the eradication of that menace we shall not name. The others I have bid stand strict watch on the walls of Spireholm Keep, as we have been tested by the goblinoid forces of late and I am loathe to leave our home any more unguarded. Brother Nierasin will remain as spellcaster, and Sir Meolar commands the garrison. Your humble servant, Danthus.

Silver Scroll Tube

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