Golden Sword

This enchanted bastard sword is forged of a golden-hued alloy and glows faintly.

weapon (melee)

Forged of a mysterious alloy with a golden sheen, this bastard sword glows faintly and has a Divine aura about it. It has proven to be very effective against undead creatures, bursting into Radiant flames as it strikes them.


Pulled from the fallow muck of a cursed and blighted area in the Heldast Wood, this weapon seems to have once been wielded by a member of the house of Farthane. As Nithauk dragged it from the ground, the group was best by a wraith and a dozen zombies. Slaying the wraith freed a bound apparition which called itself Lord Kelthim Farthane. The apparition bid them return his possessions to his family if they yet lived, or to use the items in carrying out their own goodly deeds. It then faded away.

Golden Sword

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