A young dwarven mine scout who endured a lengthy captivity by goblins.


Dwarven Male


Sandraeg is the nephew of Old Grizz, a fighter of some skill and once a skilled main scout. However, after spending almost half his life in captivity at the hands of goblins, he is loathe to go below ground. He spends his days training his soldiers at Freedom’s Reach, and honing his own battle skills. He is emaciated, and may never regain the bulky muscle of his youth. There is a hard edge to him, an almost feral survival instinct. He is known to say that he will never be taken captive again, with a sort of dark finality that suggests fanaticism. As a young miner, he was known as “Snag” to his friends and family, but now only Old Grizz uses that nickname.


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