Ellais Firewind

Tiefling Ardent


Ellais Firewind, level 12
Tiefling, Paladin/Ardent, Incandescent Champion
Hybrid Paladin Option: Hybrid Paladin Fortitude
Ardent Mantle (Hybrid) Option: Mantle of Clarity (Hybrid)
Hybrid Ardent Option: Hybrid Ardent Will
Hybrid Talent Option: Paladin Armor Proficiency
Psionic Augmentation (Hybrid) Option: Hybrid Power Point Option
Heaven’s Weapon (Learn Supernal)
Theme: Infernal Prince

STR 13, CON 18, DEX 13, INT 10, WIS 15, CHA 21

STR 12, CON 14, DEX 12, INT 9, WIS 13, CHA 16

AC: 31 Fort: 25 Ref: 23 Will: 26
HP: 86 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 23

Athletics +8, Diplomacy +18, Insight +13

Acrobatics +3, Arcana +6, Bluff +15, Dungeoneering +8, Endurance +6, Heal +8, History +6, Intimidate +11, Nature +8, Perception +8, Religion +6, Stealth +5, Streetwise +11, Thievery +3

Basic Attack: Melee Basic Attack
Basic Attack: Ranged Basic Attack
Infernal Prince Attack: Hellfire Heart
Tiefling Racial Power: Infernal Wrath
Paladin Feature: Divine Challenge
Ardent Feature: Ardent Surge
Ardent Attack 1: Energizing Strike
Paladin Attack 1: Virtuous Strike
Paladin Attack 1: Radiant Delirium
Paladin Utility 2: Bless Weapon
Paladin Attack 3: Righteous Smite
Ardent Attack 5: Invitation to Defeat
Ardent Utility 6: Mend Wounds
Ardent Attack 7: Courageous Strike
Ardent Attack 9: Feast of Despair
Ardent Utility 10: From the Brink
Incandescent Champion Attack 11: Incandescent Strike
Incandescent Champion Utility 12: Unbearable Countenance

Level 1: Hybrid Talent
Level 2: Wind of Sympathy
Level 4: Bolstering Mantle
Level 6: Imperious Majesty
Level 8: Disciple of Justice
Level 10: Improved Defenses
Level 11: Hellfire of Mephistopheles
House Ruled: Devout Protector Expertise
Level 12: Mantle of Caution

Adventurer’s Kit
Firewind Blade Longsword +2 (Ranaos, the Feind’s Lament) x1
Vanguard’s Shield Heavy Shield x1
Belt of Vigor (paragon tier) x1
Pierced Heart Tattoo (paragon tier) x1
Eternal Chalk (Gold)
Plate Armor of Dwarven Vigor +3 x1
Symbol of the Dragon +2 x1
Healer’s Brooch +2 x1


Ellais is an exile from her home, and when she was told to leave, she went far away. She has just recently arrived on Kor, brought by the Vistani, searching for a worthy cause to champion and places where she can help forward the things she believes in.

As the daughter of tiefling nobility, and a direct descendant of an infernal lord, Ellais was born to rule, to oppress, to tempt and subvert. She was the strongest talent her family had seen in generations, able to reach out and influence the world around her with her will alone, bending thoughts and emotions to match her desires. However, there was another force at play in Ellais – a sense of justice and a burning righteousness, long since weeded out of her ancestors. She turned on her family. She turned against her own infernal nature. She turned to Bahamut for help, and has been an ardent champion of justice and a beacon of hope for the weak and the downtrodden since then.

Ellais Firewind

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