Darkest Waters

A Dungeon Master's Aside (OOC)

Communication and teamwork, or failure and death

Not every encounter in the game should be solved with combat, and for seeking alternate methods I applaud you all. On the other hand, not every foe can be bluffed, tricked, or intimidated. Sometimes, you will have to avoid an encounter with stealth, or fight it out. More importantly, the number of situations that can be solved with the ingenuity of a single player, or the abilities of a single character, is rapidly diminishing. This is not a solo campaign, not even one which is very forgiving to excess solo endeavor within the larger picture. Work together, in and out of character, or we will see PC deaths sooner rather than later.

In almost every encounter you could have faced besides these specific goblinoids, Mikal’s antics would have ended in his death almost immediately, and could have severely compromised the rest of the party as well. In some other scenarios, the same has been true of Kane’s aggressive outbursts. To a lesser extent, Nithauk’s sudden ‘looming’ falls into this category in certain settings. Make sure you are not stepping on each others’ toes just for the hell of it. It is by working together and communicating effectively that you accomplished a task which kills 19 in 20 who try it. You cross the Anthalp Vast. Had you acted in the Vast the way you have acted in this current encounter, you would all be dead. Period.

I don’t wish to curtail the fun and creativity. As a DM, I thrive on players doing the unexpected, and finding ingenious uses for their character’s skills/powers/possessions. If these unexpected exploits happen in keeping with the character, so much the better. However, there are story lines and plot arcs afoot. There are encounters that will probably happen, and NPCs you will most likely meet, which will not share your DM’s amusement. They will be out to hinder/swindle/kill you. I might be laughing with you, but they are not, and ultimately I have no side but that of the story line.

Please try to find ways for your individual enjoyment of the game, and your character, to facilitate the group’s enjoyment and success.

Thank you,



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