A mercantile town and military garrison, this town exists mainly to serve the river barges headed up and down the Churnwash. It enjoys far less independence than Tilburne, and its nominal leader is a mere squire rather than a knight like the scion of the Catharn family.

Samurth is dominated by warehouses and merchant tents, so the few larger structures notable. By the norther end of town, atop the highest point in the village, stands the Sarlmaen Mansion, home of the squire who administrates Samurth. The home is not as large or luxurious as the manor house of Sir Catharn, but it is still impressive compared to the farming huts around it.

Along the eastern side of the village, just south of the gates, stands a large inn and tavern, called the Hound and Foxtails. The food is second rate and worse, the ale is typically watered down, and the beds are prone to fleas. However, the trio of lovely young farm girls who serve as tavern maids prove a strong draw for the soldiers, boatmen, and merchants who live in the town.

At the southern edge of town stands the stone tower where Rathlaris lives. Surrounding the tower is a large herb garden. There are multiple signs around the tower warning would-be visitors away, both by symbols and text in the Common tongue.

The only other building of any note in the town is Narraban’s Store, a large structure just inside the gates. More than half the building is open, with canvas tarps to keep the elements out. Like the merchant tents in the center of town, this store does as much business in barter as it does in coin.

There are numerous ruined farm houses beyond the wooden stockade. The ruins are of variable age, but none of them are recent structures. All the ruins are at least a few years old.

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