Heart of Mithril

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While walking through the streets in Tilbourne, Cuts was approached by a woman. She wore a bonnet and apron covering here long summer dress. She asked Cuts to hear her proposition. She said “Excuse me, excuse me, sir.” Many people had a problem addressing Cuts. She bowed slightly as he turned toward her, halting in the middle of the street forcing people around them.

He had been on his way to look over the bridge. The warforge he’d purchased had been continuing the work Cuts started the previous spring. It wasn’t any trouble for Cuts to hear this woman’s request.

She tactfully explained that Cuts could make a better appearance of himself to people with her help. Scrubbing the blood off was a good start, but she explained how important presentation was. It would be to his advantage to hire her for assistance in making him presentable.

Cuts inquired what the fee would be for such a service. He was receiving this kind of request on a regular basis. Many times young men wanted to come travel with the great Cuts and his equally renown allies. He would either turn them down, or recommend that they sign up in Freedom’s Reach to join the guard there. This particular service was unique. He could see a value in it. She responded that she needed housing and food for herself and her son.

At this point, her child peered around her dress to see Cuts. Then shyly, he tucked behind his mother again. Cuts felt an odd sensation. An old sorrow washed over him. Then just as quickly, it vanished. He felt as though for the sliver of a moment he could recall something that pained him.

Cuts declared she would need to do more work at the keep than just serve him. He decided he would take advantage of her services. It also seemed that her boy may work as a fine gofor around the keep as well.

He gave her 100gp to arrange her things to be moved to the keep and supply them while they stayed in Tilbourne. Cuts explained that he wished her to stay there until he returned. They would arrange her stay in Samurth, Tilbourne, and Freedom’s Reach over the next few weeks so that each time he returned from his work in the region, she would be there to make him presentable. When he would return to the underdark, she would stay at Freedom’s Reach.


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