Burning Skull Conversation

Skull: This one was a fool to call on me, Child of Dragons. Are you also a fool?

Scir: Who are you and what do you wish? If your answer doesn’t satisfy me, you shall suffer more than you can dream.

Skull: I am Slave Tlathak, sworn to Vecna, reminder to the faithful.

Scir: "Slave to whom? You haven’t yet answered one of my questions. My patience wears thin slave (slave in the most condescending way possible)

Skull: I’m not your slave, Child of Dragons, and the one I belong to does not permit me freedom to fear the living. Do your worst.

Scir: Don’t fear me, then. Tell me what you wish to say.

Skull: Only this. If you continue, you will know the chains of slavery. But then, your kind always continues. So, seek death, is my advice. Those are your choices.

Scir: You think I only have two choices? You are so naive. Who is your master?

Skull: I told you, I am Vecna’s slave. This mortal called me… traded his soul thinking he’d get a reward. He suffers now like you cannot imagine, but his request will be honored.

Scir: This conversation is going nowhere. Is there something of importance you wish to say or are you going to continue this meaningless babble.

Skull: I’ve already told you my message. Go embrace your heroic destiny, death or slavery.

It trails off into hissing laughter…

The next morning talking to Scope…

Scope: You just going to leave that lying in the dirt?

Scir: for now. I don’t remember anything from the combat and barely remember anything up until you broke the skull

Scop: Eh I’ll try my hand against any one of these meddlers, I’m not afraid, but we might be moving on soon, we could use you and that blade

Scir: I need to figure out why this keeps happening. I don’t know what it is.

Scope whispers: what do you mean ‘keeps happening’, this isn’t the first time?

Scope: You’re strong enough to stand up to any thing my friend, you should know that..I know your temper runs away with you, but we all do..You aren’t the only one..remember that priest..I’ve seen nothign like that from you..it’s been close but you rein it in

Scope: we could have some catching up to do soon enough, and I don’t want to leave our companions (these puppets) stumbling in the dark

Scir: I wonder if it has been because I have been out of contact with my master dragon. I was warned before I left my home that bad things would come. Never thought it’d be my mental health.

Scope: interesting, I’ll keep an eye on you, we’ll see you right

Scope: ,bigger things are afoot, this world scars everyone

Scir: in legend, my clan’s previous dragon master left us for 50 years and the entire town went into civil unrest and there were only 4 survivors. I think the master dragon keeps our minds in check so we don’t lose control.

Scope whispers: dragon master..master yourself my friend it’s something we all must do

Scir: before a real dragon came around, my clan roamed the countryside destroying everything in it’s path. When they stumbled upon a dragon, the dragon entered their minds and everything changed from that moment forth

Scir: I feel fine now, let us move on we are falling behind.

Scope: you aren’t the only one in this world with a darker past, and we all have to move ahead

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Burning Skull Conversation

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