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  • Cuts' log

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  • Cuts1

    h1. Bandit Attack Cuts was basing his pace off Scir's. Up ahead he saw some farmers. He didn't think they were hostile. As he began to pass them and an arrow bounced off his armor he began to believe that someone was trying to make them fight …

  • Cuts-1

    The long journey provides Cuts with the means to piece together some of his newest thoughts. It doesn't prepare him for how ignored he will be in the place ahead. Return to [[Cuts' log | Cuts' log]] Return to the [[Main Page | Main Page]]

  • Cuts-2

    h2. Assimilation Cuts first meets Nithauk who is a curious goliath. As Nithauk spends more time around Cuts, Cuts begin to associate the presence as part of his identity. Cuts believes he becomes an entity that is known to be around Nithauk. …