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  • Garyth

    Garyth is a middle-aged human ranger who once adventured actively. He is now retired, with a badly crippled leg. He still manages to carry himself well, with a commanding presence and confident demeanor. The townsfolk like and trust him. He has thick, …

  • Karipur

    Karipur is a young man of 28. He stands 6'4'' tall and his body carries the lean muscle of someone accustomed to hard work. In addition to running a sizable farm on the north bank of the [[Churnwash]], near the mouth of [[Dogtree Brook]], the ranger …

  • Maxalm

    Maxalm is a 12 year old boy, a middle child of the prolific [[Kyrnin Farm|Kyrnin family]]. He just changed into a werebear for the first time.

  • Arianne

    Arianne is more at home in the wilds than among civilized people, and speaks only halting Common. Her only garments are crudely worked hides, and her staff is apparently a living sapling. She is never seen without at least two members of her gray wolf …

  • Jorlanis

    Jorlanis came to [[Farandale]] from parts unknown, recruiting local bandits to help him collect bounties on fugitives. His charm and official-looking papers, along with ready coin and the promise of legitimacy, easily swayed the simple thugs and rogues …

  • Sir Damien Catharn

    Sir Damien is a man with little time to spare for anything but his mining interests. The current scion of an adventurer loyal to the [[Farthane]] family, he inherited stewardship of the lands around [[Tilburne]], as well has his father's lucrative [[The …

  • Jalenna

    Daughter of [[:npc-haldar|Haldar]] and [[:npc-pelarra|Pelarra]] of [[Tilburne]], betrothed to the innkeeper's younger grandson [[:npc-randen | Randen]]. She is apprenticed to the wizard [[:npc-rathlaris|Rathlaris]]. Currently missing. The only image …

  • Haldar

    The mayor of [[Tilburne]], as well as its [[Haldar's Mill|miller]]. Husband of [[:npc-pelarra | Pelarra]], and father to [[:npc-jalenna|Jalenna]].

  • Pelarra

    Pelarra is the [[Haldar's Mill|baker]] of [[Tilburne]], wife to [[:npc-haldar|Haldar]] and mother of [[:npc-jalenna|Jalenna]].

  • Old Grizz

    Old Grizz was a member of the adventuring party that tamed western [[Farandale]] for the [[Farthane]] family. He and his companions traveled with [[Catharn|Mathias Catharn]], subduing goblins bands and slaying more dangerous monsters. Only he and [[:npc …

  • Falstirn

    Falstir was one of the original adventurers who tamed western [[Farandale]] for the [[Farthane]] family. He came to the region with [[Catharn|Mathias Catharn]], [[:npc-old-grizz|Old Grizz]], and the rest of a brave adventuring band. Now, wizened with …

  • Barret

    Barret is in his early 20's, and is being groomed to take over his grandfather's inn. He is married to [[:npc-kryssa | Kryssa]].

  • Dirkstar

    Dirkstar a truly venerable old man, pushing 90 winters of age. He runs [[The Baron of Mutton | The Baron of Mutton]] with the help of his grandsons [[:npc-randen | Randen]] and [[:npc-barret | Barret]].

  • Garren

    Garren is a sort of spokesperson for the beleaguered farmers whose fields are closest to [[The New Mire]]. He lives his [[Holtan]], but his land is located northwest of the hamlet. His neighbor is [[:npc-dendrick | Dendrick]], the farmer most affected …

  • Dendrick

    Dendrick owns the westernmost farm near [[Holtan]], and is suffering the worst affects of the spread of [[The New Mire]]. His neighbor and friend [[:npc-garren | Garren]] is determined that those in power should intervene and help the man.

  • Zasheera

    Zasheera never ventures into towns, and never settles in one place for long. She seems able to speak with all the different species of bird in [[Farandale], and there are hints that she hides some exotic secret about herself. Her age is impossible to …

  • Hesein

    Hesein is new to [[Tilburne]]. The previous priest was an old man name Karlsid the Gardener. The man kept the [[The Temple of Erathis | temple]] for many, many winters. A couple years ago, he succumbed to a harsh coughing sickness, leaving the temple …

  • Carella

    Carella is a no-nonsense woman who adventured with the ranger [[:npc-garyth | Garyth]] in her younger days. Some say she still has a few treasures around from those youthful escapades. Now she tends the [[The Docks | docks and warehouses]] in [[Tilburne …

  • Welvrith

    Welvrith is cousin to [[:npc-pelarra | Pelarra]], the baker, and is the town blacksmith. He has passable skill at making armor and weapons as well.

  • Tashmia

    This exotic beauty runs the club and private in at the Exchange in Tilburne. Rumor has it that she is [[:npc-sir-damien | Sir Damien Catharn's]] lover.

  • Lord Sandrioc Farthane

    Lord Sandrioc was, in his day, a formidable force in the region, doing much to tame his family's holdings. Famously, he funded the Darkwood Scourge, sending a few dozen hardened mercenaries into the eastern edge of the Tanglewood and carving out what is …

  • Lythios

    The only son of [[:npc-lord-sandrioc | Lord Sandrioc Farthane]], he stands to inherit [[Farandale]] when his father passes away. His mother died in childbirth, and he has lived a rather lonely life. He has four older sisters, one of whom basically …

  • Lady Moiryssa

    The fourth daughter of [[:npc-lord-sandrioc | Lord Sandrioc]], this serious young woman has never married. She occupies herself assisting her father and her brother, [[:npc-lythios | Lythios]] in running the family's affairs.