Tag: Farmer


  • Maxalm

    Maxalm is a 12 year old boy, a middle child of the prolific [[Kyrnin Farm|Kyrnin family]]. He just changed into a werebear for the first time.

  • Garren

    Garren is a sort of spokesperson for the beleaguered farmers whose fields are closest to [[The New Mire]]. He lives his [[Holtan]], but his land is located northwest of the hamlet. His neighbor is [[:npc-dendrick | Dendrick]], the farmer most affected …

  • Dendrick

    Dendrick owns the westernmost farm near [[Holtan]], and is suffering the worst affects of the spread of [[The New Mire]]. His neighbor and friend [[:npc-garren | Garren]] is determined that those in power should intervene and help the man.