A gleaming longsword of unique and alien design.

weapon (melee)

Longsword + 3,
+ 4 vs Aberrant,
+ 5 vs Kuo-toa
Full two-way telepathy (can’t turn off),
Can speak through wielder
Grants Blindsight 10
Grants Swim = to normal Movement
Item Daily (Minor Action): +1 per tier to attack and damage with MBA until end of encounter
Item Daily (Free Action): end any one Abberant effect that a save can end, or gain a save against one power that a save can’t end, with a +2 bonus
Item Encounter (No Action): Kuo-toa struck by weapon are Stunned (save ends), then Dazed (save ends)
Item Encounter (No Action): Other Abberant creatures struck by the weapon are Dazed (save ends)
Weapon is impervious to aberrant slimes (adhesion, corrosion, etc)
Grants wielder +2 to saves vs Aberrant powers


This strange weapon was found half buried in a limestone stalagmite, where it had apparently rested for centuries. Cuts felt a strange stirring of recognition when he first freed it from the stone. The weapon lay deep in a cave system infested with feral quaggoth and even more dangerous hook horrors, surrounded by the other treasures of a rakshasa prince on the hunt. The sword posesses an inate intelligence, not unlike that which inhabits Cuts, and the Lesser Golemn seems to feel a kinship with the blade. Who created this magnifiscent, albeit alien, weapon is a mystery. So too is how it came to be ensconed in limestone and abandoned.


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