A straight-bladed longsword etched with arcane and dwarven runes.

weapon (melee)

Master’s Blade of Quickness +2

  • Property: While using a stance power, gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls on melee basic attacks and at-will attacks with this weapon.
  • Critical: +1d6 damage per plus, and make a melee basic attack with this weapon against the same target.
  • Power: Daily (Minor Action)
    • Until the end of the encounter, while wielding this weapon, can have two stances active at the same time.
  • Power: Daily (Free Action)
    • Trigger: on a successful hit with this weapon
    • Effect: Make a basic attack with this weapon against a target of choice.

This sword has been wielded by Cuts for as long as he has traveled with Nithauk. The sturdy design and simple aesthetics suggest it was likely forged by a dwarven weaponsmith. What it lacks in artistic frills, it more than replaces with exquisite balance. The weighting of the weapon lends devastating momentum to the wielder’s swing, enabling unexpected follow-thourgh attacks. It was clearly crafted by a master’s hand.

Cuts gave the weapon its name while Rathlaris was etching additional arcane runes into the pomel and crossguard. The wizard’s expertise allowed him to weave a subtle enchantment into the steel, blending magic with the original intent and design in a flawless symbiosis. Seiryuto is a tactical warrior’s dream, its heft and balance now augmented by magic, fascilitating rapid transition from defense to offence and back again.


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