Ornate Longsword

An ornate longsword of superior craftsmenship

weapon (melee)

This long sword is of superior craftsmanship, old and ornate, with etchings on the blade and leather pommel wrappings dyed a royal purple. The grip is very sure, and the sword seems to cling to the wielder’s grasp. The owner has kept the blade in excellent condition, with regular sharpening and oiling.


The sword was crafted by the dwarven smith Halthed Brightsmith, and given to the a human warrior working for the Stonefist clan. The sword was lost to bandits many years ago, when a shipment of rare belstone was stolen from the family and the guards all killed.

The blade confers, simply by superior craftsmanship, a better swing and truer cut. Additionally, the carefully prepared pommel wrappings use a semi-magical plant in the dying process. The pommel grip is enchanted, and the sword is very difficult to dislodge from the wielder’s hand.

Our heroes traded the sword to Rathlaris, a sage and wizard who lives in Samurth. The sword, plus the safe return of the wizard’s apprentice, will secure the wizard’s promise to lay an enchantment on one item for each adventurer.

Ornate Longsword

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