Warforged, Fighter
Build: Guardian Fighter
Fighter: Combat Agility
Fighter Talents: One-handed Weapon Talent
Background: Akanûl (Akanûl Benefit)

Str 16, Con 17, Dex 11, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 8.

ITEMS (maybe on character sheet or not)
Bag of Holding (heroic tier), ring of fury, potion bandolier, 3 dozen sunrods, 11 transportation scrolls, 8 materials for casting glyph of warding, 25 materials for casting protection from energy, 8 materials for arcane lock, 4 gravespawn potions, 2 scrolls of rejuvenation

Some kind of rock I have, and am keeping 9/22/13:
Item Daily (Move Action): teleport 8 squares to a square you can see
Item Daily (Minor Action): mark an enemy in 2 squares of you, punishment is a free action teleport up to 10 and MBA on target
Property: illumination as a candle (5 squares)
Item Daily (Standard Action: stance): gain resist 10 cold and fire while the stance is active

The lady who cleans Cuts is paid for a year from the time we came back when she was 4 months pregnant and we were going to attack the derro then the city of water and glass.
She married a guard, though she had a boy previously. Her write up is in Heart of Mithril

WEALTH 9/22/13 1214pp 58gp
currency changes 10×10×10 across the board.

want to get maybe, but probably not
feystep lacings lv 12 uncommon 1300pp
helm of able defence lv 14 uncommon 2100pp
pennant helm lv 14 uncommon 2100pp
belt of vim lv 8 common 340pp

Cuts’ log


The Machine

Cuts was designed to be a killing machine for war. With no great war to fight, no legacy to claim, and no culture, Cuts integrated into society as a belonging. For a while he was utilized by people who had use a mechanical worker. However,he has been developing self awareness at an exponential rate since a curious Goliath named Nithaulk forced him into thoughts of personal goals.
When he developed the ability to discern a desire to want more from life, his owner really couldn’t argue with him. Trying to detain a sentient war construct like him didn’t seem like a great idea. He doesn’t require sleep, so guarding one’s self from him would be very difficult. Not to mention he is always armed with two longswords and a shield, which he often carries on his back.

It took some times for him to find a worth while endeavor for himself. Recently though, he learned of a group who planned to brave a desolate region in order to reach a new world of adventure. He readily formed bonds with those daring people.

The Man

When Cuts was made, his body was fused with the soul of a warrior. Cuts has no memory of his past life, or the existence of it. He struggles to find his identity behind the steel facade. This awakening has brought him emotions and thoughts that he’s never experienced before.

The warrior he used to be had made a fair living as a knight. He had a family, and was a human. His duties for the old kingdom earned him a nice lot of land, and several serfs to work it. His name was Martin Dormeax. His father had been a blacksmith, and his mother did not have a job. She did plenty of work to raise six kids.

At a young age Martin served as a squire, and over the years he grew into a fine soldier. He attained knighthood through his valor. It was easy for someone in his station to find a wife, and socially encouraged. There was a short courtship with a woman from another land. They soon married, and had a few offspring of their own. His wife was named Anna.

Eventually Martin was fatally wounded in battle as often happens in the profession of being a Knight. Carried from the battle, he was brought before a small order of ritualists. His soul was fused into a construct to carry on his legacy. Once he became the metal man though, his former self perished. The ritualists believed they had failed to extend Martin’s life, and merely created another warforged instrument.

Cuts was the name given to the metal hulk. Martin’s soul was however trapped within. Whether Cuts was a different person could have been a subject of debate among philosophers and politicians. Cuts’ actions didn’t seem to be reminiscent of Martin’s methods in anyway. So there was never any suspicion that he might be more. For many years Cuts was a very simple machine. When the production of Warforged was booming, Cuts was given a number. It was etched into some of his components. Many people used to refer to him as Cuts while the warforged called him by his number.

The age of the warforged dwindled. A combination of factors reduced the production of Warforged. Over the course of a couple hundreds years, the Warforged even became rare. Cuts’ number was forgotten, lost as parts were swapped out or upgraded on Cuts. The etched components were replaced one by one. A particular upgrade to Cuts came when one of his owners came across a great deal on mithril parts. This owner had collected Cuts as a piece of history. Sometimes the man would have Cuts perform tasks to show off a bit. Cuts stayed in that family’s ownership for a few generations. Much of the time Cuts was coated in dust within a barn.

The last head of that household that Cuts would know had decided to utilize Cuts considerably often. In that man’s employ was also a giant named Nithaulk who also had an interest in historical artifacts. Over the time that Cuts worked with Nithaulk, he became more self aware due to his new friends inquisitive nature. Cuts slowly became conscious as if from a coma with an irreversible case of amnesia. The essence of Martin had begun to vitalize. He was aware of his own existence.

Martin’s soul accepts his identity as Cuts, and believes it to be his only identity. To Cuts, it is just how his life is. He might reflect on what it would be like to not be a construct. Though he doesn’t think of being a machine as a disadvantage.


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