Lord Sandrioc Farthane

An aging nobleman of pleasant demeanor, but very set in his ways.


Human Male
Knight (Paladin variant, Martial)


Lord Sandrioc was, in his day, a formidable force in the region, doing much to tame his family’s holdings. Famously, he funded the Darkwood Scourge, sending a few dozen hardened mercenaries into the eastern edge of the Tanglewood and carving out what is now called Blessingwood. They drove the goblinoids deep into the forest, arrested or killed numerous bandits, and even faced a few more frightening monsters. In his old age, Sandrioc has grown vague of focus and wooly-headed. The ambition and drive of his youth have deteriorated into the stubbornness common to men in their waning years. Never the less, he is quite pleasant of demeanor; still the charismatic leader and diplomat despite his age.

Both his first and second wife passed away, the second while giving birth to his only son Lythios. He has four older daughter, two of whom have left the region to marry other noblemen. One, the daughter who acted as a mother of sorts for her brother, is a minor priestess of Erathis named Nimarianne. The youngest girl of the family remains single, occupying herself looking after her father, her brother, and the estates. Sandrioc worries that Lady Moiryssa is not even seeking a husband.

Lord Sandrioc Farthane

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