Wild elven ranger


Wild Elven Male (Green emergent)


Faral has also traveled under the name Alar. He was an Arkandian elf, young and as-yet undecided on a House. Vampire blood had infected his family line, and he was Dhampyrii. While adventuring with our heroes, he encountered a God-Shard in the Splitrock Dale. Camped in the shadow of this fragment of a dead god, bathing in its healing powers day after day, he found the vampire blood burned from his body. Thus cured, he set aside adventuring and made himself Warden of the oasis where the alien stone rests. He has, by force of arms and intimidating, forced the goblin tribes of the valley to treat the oasis as neutral ground. They have learned that any who bear arms into the sphere of healing power are struck dead by black-and-green feathered arrows in an instant. So long as they come unarmed and peacefully, they benefit from the healing granted by the revered Blackstone.


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