The current leader of the Umbralwatch, and Patron to the Raven Queen


kel_1.jpg Kel, a master of shadow and cold magics, was sent as the emissary of the Raven Queen to investigate the mysterious disappearances along the Shadow Veil. He talks to himself a lot, and his shadow seems to flicker about independently, and sometimes just wanders off entirely.

Kel rose through the ranks of the Umbralwatch at an unprecedented rate. He always seemed to be set for greater conquests, but following in family footsteps stayed with the watch. In short time Kel caught the eye of the Raven Queen and was chosen to help in her personal pursuits. As years past, Kel eventually had to be relegated back to the Veil since Kor had seemingly become short handed very quickly. It didn’t take long to figure out there was more at work than a few simple disappearances. This time when the Raven Queen requested his service it felt different, even with the shadow seperated. Kel set off to find the who, what, and why, of the problem. Scouting for clues was long a tedious work, but when he found an illithid scouting party, it was not what he hoped to stumble upon. The more curious note was the ragtag group that was waiting in ambush as i was finally closing in. Kel strode through and they didn’t seem to see/care that he was there. The battle was short, and after meeting up and developing a dysfunctional, yet strangely effective partnership with the party leader Ellias, Kel decided to pursue a mutually beneficial friendship.


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