Kalashtar Telepath NPC


Many people mistake Alista for an eccentric sorceress or wizard – after all, she wears the typical wizard uniform (a blue robe embroidered with interlocking swirls of silver thread that shimmer in the light) and carries a staff that could be shown as a work of art in a museum (a length of white ash inlaid with enough silver to nearly obscure the wood). She is even proficient with ritual magic, and is willing to work her art for pay. She even has a few eccentric quirks – like sometimes using “I” and sometimes using “we” in the same context.

However, when it comes to the fundamentals of magic, Alista will not be found lobbing arcane balls of fire at her enemies. She is a psion telepath, and one of the Kalashtar – a being with two souls fused into one being, capable of reaching out through the mindscape to deliver messages, using the power of her mind to twist the fabric of reality, much as a wizard does but without the chanting and the jazz hands.


Alista’s family were part of a small town. Her father was a craftsman who frequently traveled to other nearby communities to trade, while her mother and her brothers tended the home and the shop. One summer while she was young, she left with her father on a trade caravan; while they were gone, their town was raided. Most of the townsfolk were killed or taken as slaves; one of the survivors described pale, twisted men and strange monsters coming out of a cave, and dragging everyone else back down under the earth. Alista’s father, although he was no warrior, swore he would find them and left to become an adventurer – he was never seen again.

Alista was left with an uncle in another village, but her life was forever changed; she sought out sages and bards to find out about the monsters. As she learned more of the aberrants, she grew more and more convinced that they were a serious threat that needed to be dealt with, but she had little to offer to the hidden struggle outside of her growing store of knowledge – and then she found the Quori. One of them offered to bond with her, and Alista gladly accepted, taking to her new role in the fight against aberrants with firm conviction.


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